Are you hosting live auctions?

Due to the recent pandemic, we are hosting online only auctions for the foreseeable future. You can participate in our public online auctions by registering to bid online from the home page of our website. Our yard is open for previewing Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm the week leading up to the auction. If you want to receive email notifications for upcoming auctions, click here.

How do I register?

You can register by going to the home page of our website and clicking on the “ Register to Bid online ” button. To complete registration, you will be asked to upload a copy of your driver’s license. You will also land on a paywall. In order to register, you either need to leave a $500 security deposit, or purchase a pro-subscription for $120+HST. The $500 security deposit is returned to you 3 business days following the auction. The pro-subscription is non-refundable.

What is a Pro-subscription?

Pro-subscriptions are available to individuals and businesses that plan to buy and/or sell on a regular basis. A pro-subscription registers you for every public auction, including public deadline auctions, for one year from the date of registration. Pro-subscribers also have access to previous auction sales results. Click here for more information.

Can I preview the vehicles in person?

Yes, you can! Our yard is open for previewing Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm the week leading up to the auction. We strongly encourage you to come and inspect the vehicles before bidding on them.

If I am the winning bidder at the online auction, how do I pay?

Our office is open for payments and vehicle collection on the following days:

Saturday (day of auction) 9 am to 5 pm

Monday (following the public auction) 8:30 am to 6 pm

Tuesday (following the public auction) 8:30 am to 6 pm

You have until Tuesday at 6 pm to pay for your vehicle in full and remove it from our yard. Late removals will be subject to a storage fee of $75/day.

Payment options: cash, debit, certified cheque, bank draft, VISA, Mastercard, Email money transfer, or direct deposit from any Scotiabank location.

Do you still offer travel permits for vehicles bought online?

Yes. Service Ontario is here on auction day until 5pm. They will be here issuing 10-day temporary trip permits at a cost of $29 cash only. ONLY the Service Ontario Bayfield location in Barrie will issue you a trip permit for the vehicle you purchased here so be sure to pick one up as it will save you time. If you have to make the trip there on Monday or Tuesday, please note that they are currently operating on limited hours from 10 am to 2 pm.

Articles required to purchase a trip permit are:

- Driver’s License

- Proof of Insurance

- Your bill of sale

What if I can’t be online on auction day?

You can register to bid online and place pre bids or “proxy bids” on items.

To submit pre bids, you simply register to bid online. Once your application is validated, you can select the vehicle you want to add a pre-bid to. Then place your bid.

A pre-bid is where you set the maximum amount you are willing to bid for an item. The system will automatically bid on your behalf, to that amount, but may stop lower if there is no competition.


Is everyone welcome to attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend our public auctions! You can come down and check out the action. Admission is free and parking is free. If you would like to bid, you must be registered.

What do I need to register?

All that is required is a valid driver’s license and you are eligible to bid on vehicles/items. It is free to register!

What if I don’t have a driver’s licence?

If you DO NOT have an Ontario Driver’s Licence, we can still register you for the auction. HOWEVER, should you purchase a vehicle; we must create a RIN number for you in order to flip the vehicle’s ownership into your name. We take care of this for you at a cost of $29 which is charged to us from Service Ontario. The RIN # created for you will act as your Ontario Driver’s License number. You will need to provide two pieces of ID (drivers license, passport, birth certificate)

Can I Register My Company?

If you would like to register under your company or business name, you must provide us with your RIN number and accompanying paperwork that proves to us you are the owner of the company.

RIN Numbers (Registered Identification Number) are found on your Ownership

If you’re registering a company, provide a copy of an ownership plus a business card, and any documents that prove you are the owner of the company.

Creating RIN requires a copy of your master business license or the first two pages of the Articles of Incorporation, and a copy of the owners drivers license for verification.

A Registrant Identification Number or RIN is a driver's license number. If an individual does not have a driver's licence and requires one for a vehicle related transaction, a Registrant Identification Number is created on the system.

Are pets allowed at the auction?

Due to the busy environment on auction day, personal pets are prohibited from coming into the auction. Of course, Guide Dogs and Service dogs are always allowed.

How about children?

Children are more than welcome but we ask that you please remain cautious and keep them close by as it can be dangerous with the large crowds of people and constantly moving vehicles. Your children are your responsibility.

So how does the auction work?

Once you have successfully registered, you will be provided a bidder number which you will use to bid on vehicles/items. Auction staff or ‘Ringmen’ are “Bidder Assistants” and will be onsite to help you communicate with the auctioneer and will help bid for you should you need assistance.

We have three lanes (W,X, and Y) where vehicles will be driven through and auctioned off. There will three vehicles being auctioned off simultaneously. The opening bid will be started either by a bidder (here or online) or by the auctioneer and there is no minimum starting bid.

How do I know when the car I am interested will be up for sale?

On average, we do roughly 30 to 35 vehicles an hour per lane. The vehicles run consecutively in each lane in numeric order. This is a good way to know approximately when a vehicle will be up for auction. For example, if you are interested in Lot X 70, the vehicle will be going through around 11am in the X Lane. This is ONLY a general time frame, so be sure you are ready and prepared for when the vehicle goes up for auction as it will only go up for sale once so don’t miss your chance!

Where do all your vehicles/items come from?

We have many sources for our inventory. Sources include:

- Governments

- Local and Regional Municipalities

- Various police/fire/medical services

- Financial institutions

- Repossessed vehicles

- Dealerships

- Rental car companies

- Fleets and Corporations

- Donate-a-Car Canada

- General public

Are there reserves on your vehicles?

Yes, some vehicles have reserves on them while others do not. It is not disclosed whether a vehicle has a reserve or not. It is up to you to bid on vehicles/items at a price you are comfortable with.

What fees will I be incurring if I purchase something?

Your fees will depend on what you purchased and it may depend on who the consignor of the vehicle/item is. Vehicles, recreational items, equipment, etc; all have different fee structures so please check accordingly prior to bidding. Here is a link to our fee schedule.

Are your vehicles sold certified?

No, all vehicles and items are sold AS-IS, WHERE IS. It is your responsibility to have the vehicle certified by the following Wednesday after the auction. Once Service Ontario begins the process of transferring the ownership into your name and the vehicle has not been certified/e-tested, it will become UNFIT. Your trip permit will no longer be valid for the vehicle and you will be unable to purchase one since the vehicle will now be ineligible since it is unfit.

Am I restricted to the amount of vehicles I can buy?

Not necessarily. However, if you purchase more than 2 vehicles in a calendar year, your account will be placed on hold until you complete a Multiple Vehicle Purchase Form. Once we can confirm that you are buying vehicles for personal use, then we will take your account off hold. It is illegal to buy and sell vehicles for profit in Ontario without an OMVIC license.

How do I know if it is a good car or not?

Every vehicle at North Toronto Auction has had a Carfax Vehicle History Report done on it.

Every seller including governments are required to declare any major mechanical defects, the prior use of the vehicle and any defects that may affect the safety, performance or value of the vehicle.

The accident & mechanical history is clearly stated in the Sale Day Catalogue, on the website and announced by the auctioneer.

It is up to you to inspect the vehicle and be aware of any announcements. We are open for previewing Tuesday to Friday before public auctions

North Toronto Auction enforces “Full Disclosure” and is compliant and in good standing with OMVIC “Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council”

We are also open for previewing the week leading up to the sale. We encourage you to come and inspect the vehicles in person.

Be sure to purchase your 10-day temporary trip permit on sale day as it will save you time !

Service Ontario is here on auction day until 5pm. They will be here issuing 10-day temporary trip permits at a cost of $29 cash only. ONLY the Service Ontario Bayfield location in Barrie will issue you a trip permit for the vehicle you purchased here so be sure to pick one up as it will save you time. Articles required to purchase a trip permit are:

- Driver’s Licence

- Proof of Insurance

- Your bill of sale

Can I take my vehicle/item(s) home with me on the day of the auction?

Yes, you can! Once your invoices are paid in full, we will release your vehicle/items. Be sure you have transportation arranged for the vehicle if it needs to be towed.

Service Ontario is here on auction day until 5 pm. They will be here issuing 10-day temporary trip permits at a cost of $29 cash only. ONLY the Service Ontario Bayfield location in Barrie can issue you a trip permit for your vehicle purchased here so be sure to pick up your trip permit on auction day as it will save you time. Articles required to purchase a trip permit are:

- Driver’s Licence

- Proof of Insurance

- Your bill of sale

Select vehicles do not qualify for the trip permit and will have to be towed. They are identified in the announcements as “must tow”.

Be sure to inform your insurance company that you have purchased a vehicle so that it is insured before you drive home.

TAKE the time to go over the car before you drive it.

Check the fluids

Check the Brakes

Check the air in the tires

Check for the Engine light on

Do not drive the vehicle if you feel it is unsafe for any reason.

Who takes care of the ownerships and when will they be ready?

We take care of the ownerships for you. We will transfer them into your name and they will be ready for pick up after 10am the following Friday after the auction. All ownerships that have not been picked up by 5pm Friday will be automatically mailed out to the address on the ownership.


I want sell something at the auction, what is the process?

If you are selling something with an ownership, it MUST be in your name. The name of the person on the ownership must be present when the item is brought in for consignment. Your ownership, driver’s license, and insurance information will be required for the consignment form at the time of drop off. The deadline to drop off your vehicle or equipment is Tuesday 5pm, the week of the auction. The sooner you bring it in the more exposure it will get on our website and during preview days.

What are the Fees to Sell?

On auction day your vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder and we will charge 12% of the selling price to a maximum of $390. There are different fees for Industrial equipment, Recreational items, and light equipment so please contact our customer care specialists for details.

Can I put a reserve price on my car?

Yes, you can. We offer public consignors the opportunity to place a reserve bid on their vehicle. However, we do charge a non-refundable fee of $225+HST for you to have the ability to place a reserve price on the vehicle. This fee is in addition to the auction fee.

Do you advertise my vehicle?

Once the vehicle/item has been entered into our system, it will be photographed and uploaded to our website (30,000 unique visitors per month) where it will also be advertised with Kijiji,,, and Your vehicle will be available to online bidders across North America, giving you even greater exposure to potential buyers.

What is a consignment form?

When you bring a car to be sold you are required by law to complete a “Consignment Form”. This form gives us permission to sell the vehicle on your behalf. You “Must” complete the Declaration section. This is where you disclose the mechanical fitness of the vehicle and any history of the vehicle including any or all defects.

What items are accepted?

Items accepted for consignment here at North Toronto Auction include:

- cars/trucks/vans/SUVs

- recreational vehicles (boats, watercraft, RV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles)

- equipment items (light to heavy duty trucks, work trucks, specialty work vehicles, buses, trailers)

- No tools, used tires, or furniture are accepted from the public

Can I sell more than one vehicle?

You are only permitted to sell one vehicle per auction. However, you are welcome to sell multiple equipment and/or industrial items. Please note that if you are selling recreational, industrial, or equipment items, it will be auctioned off in the second Public Auction of the month.

When will my cheque be ready?

Your cheque will be ready for pickup or will be mailed out the following Friday after the auction. Your cheque will be held here unless you request it to be mailed out to you. Your fees will be deducted from the selling price of the vehicle/item.

When do you have industrial equipment, recreational vehicles, and other similar/miscellaneous items for sale?

We have equipment/industrial/recreational auctions ONCE a month. The industrial/equipment/recreational auction happens at the LAST public auction of each month. These items will be auctioned off outside while the usual vehicle auction will be held inside the lanes.